The scope of the integrated fare system of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority reached a total of 296 municipalities, divided into six sectors and tariff crowns. If you want to know which fare zone is a town click here. One can use the title transport required to move from one point to another. Allow the network to transfer trains, the Government Railways, the metro, bus and tram. You can view the operators: Integrated transport operators.

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You can use up to four different modes for each transfer, and the transfer time between them are:

1 zone

1h 15m

2 zones

1h 30m

3 zones

1h 45m

4 zones


5 zones

2h 15m

6 zones

2h 30m

We also have at your disposal individual tickets for 10 trips valid for all BusGarraf routes in the indicated areas and that do not allow transfers with other bus lines, metro or train/rail.

Price: 9’70€

Price: 19’10€

Price: 26’05€

Price: 33’50€

Selling points

Vilanova i la Geltrú

Estanc núm 6 – Av. Francesc Macià, 120

Estanc núm 7 – Rambla Principal, 69

Estanc núm 13 – Avinguda del Garraf, 37

Estanc núm 15 – C/Josep Coroleu, 71 – Vilanova i la Geltrú

Expeneduria núm 10 – Rambla Josep Antoni Vidal, 26

Sant Pere de Ribes

Papereria Ninfa – Onze de Setembre, 20

Les Roquetes

Papereria Victoria – Barcelona, 55


Estanc núm 6 – Sant Josep, 47

Segur de Calafell

Estanc Pallarés – Av. Catalunya, 6


Papereria Lanigó – Passeig Vilanova, 8


Estanc Rosell – Principal, 25